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Outdoor car charging knowledge 2

Outdoor car charging knowledge 2

2023-12-14 17:12

Outdoor car charging refers to the process of charging an electric vehicle in an outdoor environment. Here are some points related to outdoor car charging:

1. Public charging pile: common charging facilities in cities, usually located in parking lots, shopping centers and other public places. A fee or membership system is required for use.

2. Fast charging: A high-power charging method that can fully charge the battery of an electric vehicle in a short time. Fast charging devices are usually located at public charging stations.

3. Slow charging: Low power charging mode, it takes a long time to fully fill the battery. Slow charging is ideal for night parking, home or office use.

4.DC charging and AC charging: DC (DC) charging is suitable for fast charging, while AC (AC) charging is suitable for slow charging.

5. Charging plug type: Different regions and countries may use different types of charging plug standards, such as SAE J1772 used in the United States, Mennekes used in Europe, GB/T used in China.

6. Charging service app: You can find nearby charging stations through the smartphone app, and get charging information, booking charging and other functions.

7. Portable charging equipment: portable chargers for outdoor use, usually with a smaller size and capacity, are suitable for temporary charging needs in emergency situations.

8. Charging safety: When charging outdoors, comply with the usage specifications and safety requirements of the charging equipment, ensure that the charging line is well grounded, the operating environment is ventilated, and pay attention to prevent the impact of external factors such as water and rain on the charging equipment.

9. It should be noted that in the process of outdoor car charging, it is necessary to understand the local charging facilities and charging standards, and choose the appropriate charging method and equipment according to the actual situation.